WATCH HERE: Sunday Drive Album Release Party

Brett is throwing a virtual album release party for Sunday Drive. 

This event will be streamed LIVE on Friday July 10th at 3:30p CT  

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Comments (7)

  1. Castaway86


    4 years ago

    SO EXCITED!!! Hope you answer my question from the Q&A
  2. amsdrummergirl35


    4 years ago

    It is powerful to see an artist realizing they need to be true to themselves for their mental sake and not letting the industry/world dictate who and what you should be. God made you who you are and when we realize and allow ourselves to be honest and true the doors will open to beautiful things that we never thought would happen. I’m so happy to see you thriving in this new found self love!!! God bless you and your adventures to come!!!!! Love the album!
  3. _moniquie_


    4 years ago

    Loving this album! I keep trying to pick a favorite song, but I can’t. The whole album is so so great! Curious how many songs you started out with and had to narrow down?! Either way loving this album and worth the wait!
  4. KC


    4 years ago

    It was amazing! So glad to be apart of it! We’ve missed your voice and face
  5. Jojotoo


    4 years ago

    Thank you Brett for opening your heart and sharing your emotions with us. There was a tropical storm outdoors, but the light of your show permeated my surroundings as I enjoyed your company in my living room. The show was an “8”, the music was a “9”, and you were a “10”. It was a pleasure getting to know you which encourages me to better understand and enjoy Sunday Drive even more.
  6. Ness


    4 years ago

    It was amazing!!! Thank you for opening up your heart and sharing it with us. I've had the album on repeat since I got it!
  7. Marie S

    Marie S

    4 years ago

    This was amazing..