Under The Mistletoe with Kelly Clarkson [Official Music Video]

"Kelly was one of the first shows I ever saw in high school, she called me up and asked me to sing on this one and the answer is yes. Coolest person, most amazing voice! Thanks Kelly!"

-Brett Eldredge

Comments (8)

  1. Kristen


    a month ago

    Love it! Thanks for being even more holiday cheer! You are the best! This almost (haha, not) makes up for no Glow. Love you!
    1. Riverrose


      17 days ago

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  2. Castaway86


    a month ago

    Love seeing animated Edgar. So cute!
  3. Marie S

    Marie S

    a month ago

    This is awesome! Love it!
  4. Britany


    a month ago

    The animation is so cool!❄❄❄
  5. crazy turtle lady

    crazy turtle lady

    a month ago

    i love antimated edgar he is so cute
  6. Michelle ray

    Michelle ray

    a month ago

    This video is so much fun!!!
  7. Steph1212


    5 days ago

    What a song. I have probabaly listenes like 10 times...I know its after Christmas but I don't care haha