Locals First: "The One You Need" (From The Heartland)

Locals First - "The One You Need"

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Comments (15)

  1. Marie S

    Marie S

    3 years ago

  2. Britany


    3 years ago

    WOW!!!!l. You can see you just melt with the songs on this album and this one is no exception for anyone! Everyone should melt on this!!!!❤
  3. HeidiW950


    3 years ago

    Such a beautiful performance, I love this song the lyrics draw me in especially when you sing “I spent most my life thinking love was out of reach” part of the song. Can’t wait till you can safely return to the UK again, your show in February seems like it was years ago now but it’s not quite six months.
  4. KC


    3 years ago

    Oh my goodness. I ❤️ every part of this
  5. Kimee


    3 years ago

    Well there goes my heart again! This song really makes you feel so deep. I love it when you do acoustic versions and this album is a masterpiece. You put your heart and soul into it and it's so beautiful! I really hope you find someone that can be the one you need; someone you can be the one they need. You have such a big heart full of love to give. I wish there were more guys like you because you make it really hard on us single women. Thank you for just being yourself. We love you that way!
  6. Mini


    3 years ago

    ♥️ Great ! I love the new album but this song is my favorite ! Meaningful lyrics, showing the desire to find the right person. So passionate and pure.
    Your amazing, powerful baritone voice always melts my heart. ♥️
  7. Ashnicole89


    3 years ago

    this is why that is one of my favorite songs from the album, brett. It is so beautiful. Nice job with the whole album.
  8. Bubbly Mandy

    Bubbly Mandy

    3 years ago

    Love it! Not to sound like a music nerd, but I feel like this was executed perfectly!
  9. KristenLoveLife419


    3 years ago

    This might be my favorite one off the album.
  10. Julie Brown

    Julie Brown

    3 years ago

    I loved this song when I first heard just a snippet of the song before you released it. Just from hearing that little bit of the song, I knew I was going to love this song. When I first heard the whole song, I could hear and feel the emotions in your voice and it deeply touched my heart . Especially when you sang "I've spent most my life
    Thinkin' love was out of reach
    So maybe just this once
    You could be the one I need
    If you let me be the one you need" Hearing that part brought tears to my eyes. This is my favorite and Fall For Me. Those two songs really touch my heart. The whole album is so emotional and so powerful. I really love this album. I can't get enough of it! Can't wait to hear you perform this live. You're such an inspiration! Love you Brett
  11. Cheryl W

    Cheryl W

    3 years ago

    What a heartfelt, powerful song. Love the depth and reflective tone of this record. Thanks for sharing your vulnerabilities with us. This song performance was amazing
  12. Fay


    3 years ago

    ❤️ I love this song. It is also one of my favorites. It seems like your ready to fall in love. Damn... I am too. Your fans are always going to be there with you, when you do decide to give your heart away . Love ya B
  13. Laura Y

    Laura Y

    3 years ago

    Will it ever stop getting more raw and emotional?! Gah! Give me my heart back! ❤️ Good stuff, Sir. Good stuff.
  14. Castaway86


    3 years ago

  15. HollyW


    3 years ago

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