Locals Exclusive - "The One You Need" (iPhone Work Tape)

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Comments (14)

  1. Castaway86


    a year ago

    Omg I love this!!
  2. KC


    a year ago

    In love with this ❤️
  3. Britany


    a year ago

    Just makes you want to melt in to "your" person!
  4. Jaynaz84


    a year ago

    Gaaah -pure perfection <3
  5. Marie


    a year ago

    Loved the interview ..brett you are so amazing in everything you do...will always love your raw talent and boldness you are a superstar ...
  6. Fay


    a year ago

    ❤️ when I first heard this song, I cried so hard! It def hit me, Expecially the last verse. It became one of my favorites, as I can relate to this song in such a broad way, of trying to open myself up to the ideal of letting someone in my space and the ideal I’ve always had, where I never wanted to get close to anyone, but knew I was missing out. Shortly after I started to realize that, I heard this song. It broke me down, but in a beautiful way. Thanks, for being you!
  7. Julie Brown

    Julie Brown

    a year ago

    Omg! This is so beautiful, absolutely breathtaking!! I LOVED THIS!!! How I wish I was the person you were singing this too. I'd be bawling like a baby. You are perfect in every way. Never think any less of yourself. Thank you for being YOU, that's why we love you!! You're my Superhero. LOVE YOU BRETT!! ❤
    1. Julie Brown

      Julie Brown

      a year ago

      My absolute favorite song! Hits me deeply in my heart, everytime I hear this song. Also, Fall For Me. My two favorites. Something about those two songs, get me everytime. You have such an amazing voice. I just can't get enough of you and your music! Your music is in repeat everyday. Thank you for getting me through my day, everyday. May God bless you abundantly.
  8. AllysonDiane44


    a year ago

    Yo, so this song just sounds good no matter what. Whole album is
  9. HeidiW950


    a year ago

    The last verse of this song has always hit a different way with me and when you got emotional singing that part it gave me goosebumps, it’s such a beautiful song one of my favourites off the album.
  10. Mich


    a year ago

    Wow! I think this is my new favourite version of this song. The One You Need breaks my heart a little every time I hear it -- but in a good way. I really relate to this struggle of opening myself up to people, and I find it so comforting to be reminded that others feel the same. Thanks for giving us this song (and album), Brett. You are truly a gift -- to your fans, to country music, and to the world. ❤
  11. Small town

    Small town

    a year ago

    I love love love this song ❤
  12. HollyW


    a year ago

    Haunting - I don't know what to say.
  13. Cassie J. (Cassie Nankee)

    Cassie J. (Cassie Nankee)

    10 months ago

    I love this song! It has so much meaning in it and you can even hear it in Brett's voice. Sometimes I cry when I listen to this song, it brings up a lot of emotions for me. Brett is definitely a blessing & a gift to us all.❤