Brett's Birthday Week!

It's Brett's Birthday week. Let's do something special! 


Each day this week, we will highlight a different organization that is doing amazing work in our community. 


**Stay tuned for more information**


Monday - CMA Foundation 

Tuesday  - VUMC Children's Hospital 

Wednesday - Best Buddies 

Thursday - Jed Foundation

Friday - MusiCares 

Comments (12)

  1. Britany


    3 years ago

  2. Tammy shedd

    Tammy shedd

    3 years ago

    So what do we do with these to make his birthday special
  3. Lolita


    3 years ago

    Since he loves children. I will donate to his foundation. I love you Brett
  4. Randi Renee

    Randi Renee

    3 years ago

    This is great!
  5. Melwick


    3 years ago

    You have my full support on this one this week Brett
  6. Macbeardougherty


    3 years ago

    Happy 35th!
  7. A*Ride


    3 years ago

    35 bro????? Congrats
  8. Michelle ray

    Michelle ray

    3 years ago

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
  9. CindyM


    3 years ago

    Happy birthday Brett!!! Hope you had a good day!!
  10. Alice S from Sugarland

    Alice S from Sugarland

    3 years ago

    Double donation, one to Musicares Foundation Inc, and Lakeview Pantry in Chicago. It will be a good day for me and a great day for Brett's favorite causes.
  11. ITZmeKelly


    3 years ago

    I hope Brett is enjoy his birthday week what a great way to celebrate
  12. KristenLoveLife419


    3 years ago

    This is so freaking fantastic !