Brett's Birthday Week!

It's Brett's Birthday week. Let's do something special! 


Each day this week, we will highlight a different organization that is doing amazing work in our community. 


**Stay tuned for more information**


Monday - CMA Foundation 

Tuesday  - VUMC Children's Hospital 

Wednesday - Best Buddies 

Thursday - Jed Foundation

Friday - MusiCares 

Comments (12)

  1. Britany


    25 days ago

  2. Tammy shedd

    Tammy shedd

    25 days ago

    So what do we do with these to make his birthday special
  3. Lolita


    24 days ago

    Since he loves children. I will donate to his foundation. I love you Brett
  4. Randi Renee

    Randi Renee

    24 days ago

    This is great!
  5. Melwick


    24 days ago

    You have my full support on this one this week Brett
  6. Macbeardougherty


    24 days ago

    Happy 35th!
  7. AllysonDiane44


    23 days ago

    35 bro????? Congrats
  8. Michelle ray

    Michelle ray

    23 days ago

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
  9. CindyM


    23 days ago

    Happy birthday Brett!!! Hope you had a good day!!
  10. Alice S from Sugarland

    Alice S from Sugarland

    23 days ago

    Double donation, one to Musicares Foundation Inc, and Lakeview Pantry in Chicago. It will be a good day for me and a great day for Brett's favorite causes.
  11. ITZmeKelly


    22 days ago

    I hope Brett is enjoy his birthday week what a great way to celebrate
  12. KristenLoveLife419


    21 days ago

    This is so freaking fantastic !