Seventh Studio Album Songs About You Available on June 17

“Songs About You” Set to Impact Country Radio Monday, April 25

Hearing a familiar song can instantly take us back in time to the moments when those songs left an indelible mark on our lives. In his new single, “Songs About You,” Brett Eldredge name checks lines from classics like Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark,” Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” as he works through the emotions of an old flame, brought back to him by the music (LISTEN HERE).

Available today, “Songs About You” was written by Eldredge alongside Jessie Jo Dillion and Ben West and will impact radio on Monday, April 25. “There are songs that just transport you back in time to a moment with someone you love,” said Eldredge. “Even though you’ve not been with the person for a long time, these songs take ahold of you. You might be having a fine day, then you walk into a store where the song is playing, and you're transported into the past.”

“Songs About You” is also the title track for Eldredge’s new album that will be released June 17 (PRE-ORDER HERE). The album will feature 12 songs co-written by Eldredge including the previously released “Want That Back” and “Holy Water.” “I knew exactly what I wanted to say and what I wanted the album to sound like,” said Eldredge of the new album. “I wanted the album to be songs that connect us all in the human experience. These are emotions that are reflective of each of us. There are songs of solitude, joy and heartbreak, and I like that tension.

Songs About You is about the songs that instantly recall your own experiences. The songs that can make you remember exactly how you felt, or the sights around you or the smells in the air. The songs that make you remember all the happiness and the heartbreak.”

These latest releases follow his seven country-radio No. 1’s, nine Gold and Platinum-certified singles, two Gold-certified albums, multiple CMA, ACM and CMT Music nominations and wins and most recently, his critically acclaimed fifth studio record, Sunday Drive.

“Songs About You” Lyrics

I was walkin’ in Chicago

By a Wrigleyville bar

Caught a scent of your perfume when I heard dancing in the dark

Now I’m just trying to get through these songs about you

I was pickin’ up a bottle at the neighborhood store

Heard I can’t make you love me

And I ’bout ran back out the door

Too soon I’m just trying to get through these songs about you


Sometimes they make me dance

Sometimes they make me cry

Sometimes they make me wish that I had never said goodbye

Now I’m just trying to get through these songs about you

Continue reading the full lyrics HERE.

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