Sunday Drive Out Now

Sunday Drive Out Now

Brett's new album, Sunday Drive, including his latest single "Gabrielle" is out now! 

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Comments (4)

  1. _Karyn_


    4 years ago

    So glad this album is officially here! All of it has shown your growth as a person and as an artist and it is truly wonderful. I'm so excited for this new chapter and can't wait to enjoy it with you.
  2. KC


    4 years ago

  3. Castaway86


    4 years ago

    So proud of you B!! This album is amazing and you've outdone yourself.
  4. ITZmeKelly


    4 years ago

    Proud of you Brett! You put your heart and soul into this and it shows. It’s everything my heart needed. Thank you for making music. I’ve turned to it a lot in this last year while healing from heart break. So thank you! Can’t wait till I can see you at a show!