Locals Exclusive: Sunday Drive on Vinyl

Locals Exclusive: Sunday Drive on Vinyl

Premium Locals members can pre-order Sunday Drive on vinyl NOW. 

This is a limited-edition, one-time only publication, exclusive to premium Locals members. Brett choose the color Cannery Yellow, to match his fan club. 

Pre-order your copy NOW before they are gone forever! 

Click HERE to pre-order

**Upgrade Membership**

Sunday Drive Out Now 

Brett's new album, Sunday Drive, including his latest single "Gabrielle" is out now! 

Click HERE to stream, shop or download.

Comments (10)

  1. _Karyn_


    4 years ago

    Love a good yellow
  2. Larissa


    4 years ago

    I was JUST thinking this would be a beautiful vinyl. Definitely pre-ordered. So excited!
  3. Castaway86


    4 years ago

    Yes!! Ordered and so excited to get it!!
  4. Britany


    4 years ago

    Can't wait to get it!!!!
  5. HollyW


    4 years ago

    Thank you!
  6. Julie Brown

    Julie Brown

    4 years ago

    Preordered my vinyl album and can't wait to get it!! ❤
  7. SherylClarkProLive


    4 years ago

    Thank goodness this comes in vinyl! His voice will lend itself well to this format.
  8. Kimee


    4 years ago

    Can't wait to spin that record and dance!!!
  9. thuff


    3 years ago

    Is he going to release this to non-members? I would really like to buy his vinyl!
  10. Britany


    3 years ago

    Is this the only album on vinyl?