"Gabrielle" Acoustic From Aunt Margo's Garden (Watch Now)

Locals Exclusive - "Gabrielle" (From the Heartland)

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Available everywhere Friday, May 22nd

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Comments (16)

  1. AllysonDiane44


    11 months ago

    Love it.
  2. Ashleylayne


    11 months ago

    The TALENT
  3. wendysommers


    11 months ago

    So, so good! Can't wait to hear the whole album. :)
  4. Castaway86


    11 months ago

  5. MusicCityMK


    11 months ago

    Love the “realness” of this video! I felt like I was right there pickin tomatoes with them ☺️
  6. Lala


    11 months ago

    Absolutely amazing and glad he did this with his family around too. Blessings for you Brett and your team!
  7. Marie S

    Marie S

    11 months ago

    I love love love this!!
  8. Britany


    11 months ago

    Love it! Look so relaxed as it should be!!
  9. Kwalter21


    11 months ago

    Awesome! Love you...love your music ❤️ Can’t wait to gather again! I miss music!
  10. Jay Marie

    Jay Marie

    11 months ago

    I love this video! So southern and homemade ❤️
  11. Leslie davis

    Leslie davis

    11 months ago

    Lovvvvve it brett eldredge
  12. emmap


    11 months ago

    Awww loved this! So natural <3
  13. Laura Y

    Laura Y

    11 months ago

    Always a pleasure to listen to your music in its most organic form. Thank you for sharing.
  14. Lyn-Dell


    11 months ago

    Aww, this is a raw, real, simple and so sweet video Brett. Love it!
  15. HP


    11 months ago

    Love it... partially being so natural my favorite way to see you..... The inspiration to this new music is a special woman. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album
  16. Kristen


    10 months ago

    Your aunts garden looks amazing. I wish I had a lake behind mine! This definitely fits the song. Well done, Brett! I cannot wait for the rest, only one more month!